Securing Our
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IoT Devices

Facing a Big Challenge of Our IoT-Connected Era

IoT Surrounds
Our Lives - How
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Bluescore, a dynamic startup, is tackling the escalating security concerns of our interconnected lives. As IoT devices proliferate at an astonishing rate, enriching our daily routines and business operations, distinguishing between secure and vulnerable gadgets becomes a pressing issue. Many of these devices, potentially infringing on our privacy and exposing business secrets, remain unidentified. Bluescore's mission is pivotal: to detect and identify these unknown IoT devices, ensuring the security of both our personal lives and professional environments.

We had the privilege of developing their first MVP, laying the groundwork to validate concepts and methodologies, marking a significant step towards safer, smarter living and working spaces.

Detecting unknown
iot devices

The concept behind Bluescore is as straightforward as it is ingenious: Utilize the Bluesore app to scan your environment and identify all IoT devices around you. Based on the proportion of recognized versus unrecognized devices, you receive a Bluesore, offering insight into the security status of your surroundings. From there, the app provides recommendations and assistance in pinpointing and managing unknown devices to enhance your security level and, consequently, your Bluesore.

While the user experience is designed for simplicity, the technologies and algorithms powering Bluescore are anything but basic.

Aiming for
a common

Engaging Communities for Common IoT Security Standards

Bluescore's strategy is comprehensive – recognizing that IoT security concerns us all, the Bluescore community acts as an extensive sensor network for detecting and identifying unknown IoT devices. At the core of this initiative is a collaboratively created IoT library, constantly updated to reflect the current landscape of IoT devices on the market. This library distinguishes secure devices from those that are not, promoting a safer digital environment. We are honored to support Bluescore in its foundational phase, contributing to the establishment of a global standard for IoT security.

Setting Standards in
Future IoT Security