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For 1492, a premier partner in transformational processes within large corporate structures, the client list is as diverse as it is impressive, featuring industry giants like Daimler, Airbus, and even the Chinese Post. What these clients have in common is the immense complexity of their structures, the vast number of employees, and intricate collaboration networks, all of which must adapt swiftly to the ever-changing market dynamics. These challenges make 1492 an indispensable navigator through volatile markets and uncertain environments. Embracing a digital approach was the clear and necessary next step for 1492, ensuring that their clients remain agile, responsive, and ahead in a rapidly evolving corporate world.

develop the full potential

as the target

Digitally structuring complex strategies in large-scale organizations to enable real-time operations, transparent KPIs, and the capability to maintain visible control over budgets, teams, and progress is a formidable task. This was the ambitious goal set for Move 37, to unleash the power and wisdom of collective intelligence, amplified by the dynamism of a framework designed to keep ideas, teams, and tasks on track. This system ensures transparency and visibility at every stage, enabling swift adjustments and informed decision-making. Move 37 stepped up to this challenge, committing to transform the way large organizations navigate their strategic operations in a digital-first world.

Smoth Setup,
Full transparency

Move 37 was meticulously crafted as a user-centric digital environment, prioritizing an experiential and engaging interface that instills trust and enjoyment in employees from their very first interaction. Setting up a strategy encompassing initiatives, projects, and tasks, inviting team members, assigning roles, and inputting budgets and relevant KPIs is now an effortless process. With this streamlined setup, strategies are prepared for launch in record time, transforming the complex task of strategy implementation into a simple, enjoyable, and efficient experience.

Gain Next-Level Dynamics in
Strategic Collaboration

Navigate &
Control through
the Strategie cockpit

Once initiated, all team members in the strategy effortlessly manage their tasks and projects through their individual cockpits, each tailored to meet the specific demands of their roles. This customization streamlines task execution and provides a comprehensive overview, allowing for precise control over all vital project parameters such as budget, timelines, and dependencies on other project segments. The interface is designed for ease, enabling users to delve into specific strategy components or to obtain a holistic view of the overall status and progress. For the CEO, this represents a real-time pulse on the pathway to success, ensuring leadership is always informed and in control.

3D strategy

Our innovative approach transforms the state of strategy into a three-dimensional, visually engaging experience. The 3D Cockpit offers an unprecedented way to obtain a holistic view of relevant KPIs. Users can intuitively navigate and delve into specific segments, making it easier than ever to interact with complex information. This dynamic tool exemplifies seamless interaction with infographics, providing instant insights and overviews of budgets, risks, KPIs and progress. The 3D Cockpit is not just a tool; it's an immersive experience, allowing users to grasp the full scope of their strategy at a glance, ensuring effective decision-making and strategic planning.

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