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With operations across 8 countries, the Austrian Institute stands as a far-reaching and official authority for learning the Austrian language. Catering to a diverse clientele, from private individuals to business customers, it offers services ranging from traditional language training to administering exams. Given its extensive, multinational presence, embarking on digital transformation was a crucial step towards enhancing future efficiency, services, performance, and overall experience.

Going Digital:
Uniting 8
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The Holistic
Approach: One
Ecosystem for All
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Facing the challenge head-on, we aim to construct a digital ecosystem that serves both customers and administration. This involves integrating course setups, bookings, and organization, while accounting for the diverse commercial landscapes across various countries. Our goal is to elevate customer experience by guiding them through personalized learning plans, catering to both private needs and the structuring of corporate learning strategies. This ambitious project spans 8 languages and various legal frameworks, solidifying the Austrian Institute's position as a leading provider in German language education, harnessing technology for an unparalleled learning journey.

Blending Digital
Innovation with

Embarking on
the Next Digital

Elevating customer experience to unprecedented heights: The robust core system of the Austrian Institute serves as the foundation for an extensive range of customer services on their multilingual, country-specific websites. Selecting and booking from a wide array of courses and exams is simplified, marking just the start of a holistic experience. As a student at AI, your account becomes the ideal platform to organize lessons and collaborate with fellow attendees. This system fosters a unique connection between teachers and students, enabling an innovative experience in being guided through your learning journey.

and Administration

Administering and operating courses across 8 countries, while maintaining central control over all crucial parameters, presented a significant challenge in designing the Austrian Institute's backend system. This system now encompasses the entire service chain – from setting up courses to sales, sourcing teachers, organizing and administering lessons, to time management and invoicing. Today, the Austrian Institute's digital ecosystem forms a robust foundation for digital end-to-end processes. This transformation has not only enhanced efficiency throughout the entire organizational structure but has also simultaneously elevated the experience and satisfaction of both employees and customers.

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