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Tourism is an incredibly diverse industry, encompassing hotels, leisure facilities, gastronomy, culture, events, and a multitude of services dedicated to enhancing guests' unique experiences during their stay. Additionally, there are numerous regional associations, each forging its own network. Our challenge was to create a unified, valuable digital experience standard that could be embraced by regions and individual stakeholders alike. This initiative aimed to harmonize the diverse elements of the tourism sector, ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience for every visitor, while also respecting the unique characteristics of each participant in this vibrant industry.

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Deciphering patterns is crucial in simplifying complex environments, and cracking this code is essential for creating straightforward solutions. Every guest experience hinges on two fundamental parameters: place and time. These act as the overarching framework for every service and offering within the intricate tourism industry. This understanding led to the birth of the Austrian Experience Grid – a dynamic platform that connects offerings based on location and time with travelers’ individual profiles. It integrates seamlessly into tour planning and real-time decision-making, offering a tailored experience that resonates with the diverse needs and preferences of each traveler.

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The Austrian Experience Grid, with its underlying digital ecosystem, presents well-structured layers that allocate dedicated space for each stakeholder and functionality. This arrangement allows for flexible scaling, development, and insight generation. The grid is intricately linked to stakeholder cockpits, comprised of interfaces and individual business services, which can be effortlessly configured or connected to existing data sources. The resulting data lake not only feeds flexible, combined information to the front end but also serves as a rich source for in-depth analyses and predictive modeling. This sophisticated system is designed to seamlessly integrate diverse components, ensuring a fluid and dynamic interaction across the entire tourism landscape.

Linking customer Journeys to
location and timebased services,
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