Digital performance in a regional setting


Real estate management and administration comprise a vast domain where thousands of processes must seamlessly interconnect daily. The integration of tenants, craftsmen, administrators, and managers, along with process optimization and the establishment of transparency, constitutes a fertile ground for digital transformative processes. Propergy° is the platform that connects all stakeholders, ushering in a new dimension of interaction.

Creating a
Digital real
estate Ecosystem

Understanding comprehensive processes, connecting stakeholders, automated communication and organization and collaboration form the foundation of Propergy, a holistic 360° real estate management platform which we developed in collaboration with one of the leading property management companies. Our focus has been on optimizing processes, ensuring transparency among all stakeholder groups and processes, creating new digital services and channels for residents and administrators.
Propergy° is a holistic digital ecosystem that connects people with processes, transforming analogue routines into digital performance and experience.

Full control -
the central

Propergy° enables a comprehensive real-time overview of processes and states through its central cockpit. Tailored to each stakeholder's role, it offers an individualized view that displays current tasks, progress, and provides relevant KPIs, ensuring control at all times.

Real-time Data
Flows Through

Propergy is redefining the standard in real-time real estate administration. With field operations like service checks or tenant-reported damages managed digitally through an app or tablet, information is captured in real-time and made instantly available across the entire system.

Crafting the
Next Generation
of Customer
Experiences and Services

Propergy° revolutionizes the interaction between administration and tenants, unveiling a whole new spectrum of possibilities for collaboration and service development. By opening new channels to customers, Propergy° offers unprecedented seamless interaction, laying the foundation for scalable future services. These include concierge services, facility booking, and even the integration of IoT control, all designed to enhance the tenant experience like never before.

Taking Real Estate Management, Service Design, and Tenant Experience to the Next Level